Planning A Trip?

 Planning a Trip?

The trip to Thailand is a very long journey for most of us. I would recommend staying at least 2 weeks.

If you plan to stay in “the land of smiles” for 30 days or less then you usually do not need a visa. You will be given a thirty day stamp when you arrive at the immigration desk. (Please check with the Thai Consulate in your country)

If you are planning to stay longer then you might look into a visa. I will put up a “visa page” later on.

 We have paid as much as $1,400 and as little as $550 for round trip tickets from New York to Bangkok. Take at least a month to plan. There are a lot of web sites such as Travelocity and OneTravel to search for the best fare. Avail yourself to all of them and check everyday well in advance. Keep your credit card and passport handy. When you find an acceptable fare you can pounce on it. Remember: after you book, don’t go back looking to see if you could have done better. This will drive you mad.

It is a good idea to have a hotel or guest house arranged in advanced, at least for the first few days. You will want a comfortable room to recuperate in. You may also want some kind of internet access so you can plan the rest of your trip. In Bangkok this type of room can be gotten for about 1,000 Baht per day. I have been using Agoda to get the best price. Check the User Ratings before booking.

Car rental is available for the more adventuresome traveler. Be aware, in Thailand we drive on the left.  There are car hire services at the airport. If you are traveling during high season then you might want to make your reservation in advance. Keep in mind that getting around Thailand is quite easy using domestic air, train, bus service and taxi.

Having a cell phone in Thailand is not necessary but I would recommend one. Service is easily gotten in Thailand. If you have an unlocked GSM phone then you can buy a sim card at most 7-Eleven’s and off you go. You can also buy a GSM phone while here for as little as $25 to get you by.

To be continued……..

Please feel free to ask questions. I will add whatever information I can on the appropriate page.

One thought on “Planning A Trip?

  1. It would be nice also if you know somebody in Thailand who you can trust, so that you would ask for some advice. If don’t have anybody here, try to do a lot of research to be ready to due with the REAL DEAL!!

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