Chiang Rai

Here are some photos of my recent trip to the north of Thailand

IMG_7895 IMG_7890 IMG_7870 IMG_7861 IMG_7855 IMG_7853 IMG_7848 IMG_7837 IMG_7806 IMG_7804 IMG_7792 IMG_7786 IMG_7782 IMG_7778 IMG_7777 IMG_7774 IMG_7766 IMG_7763 IMG_7762 IMG_7761 IMG_7757 IMG_7755 IMG_7752 IMG_7746 IMG_7740 IMG_7737 IMG_7727 IMG_7719 IMG_7715 IMG_7778

8 thoughts on “Chiang Rai

  1. I guess you would have a wonderful time up there in Chiang Rai. I hope I would have a chance to visit there one day . All of your photos are very nice.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I see here in the photo with the tree that you had the luck to meet Jim Kaszynski. I am sorry I have to tell you that Jim passed away in middle of November after a long time with illness. He was a really great guy and missed by a lot of people.
    You have a lot of nice photos here!

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